Insurance deregulation causing rate hikes for small businesses

  • Posted on: 25 May 2012
  • By: admin

Last year, Republicans in the legislature passed Public Law 90, a massive deregulation of Maine's insurance industry that more than 1,200 members of the Maine Small Business Coalition took action to oppose.

We estimated the law would raise insurance rates for small business owners, especially those in rural Maine and those who employ older workers. Now, we're beginning to see these effects and they're worse than we could have predicted, with many Maine businesses and individuals see their rates increase by 20 or 30 percent and some even seeing their rates nearly double over the past year.

Have you had a rate hike? Are you struggling to get by because of healthcare costs? Tell us here.

Organizations with close ties to the insurance industry have been celebrating this deregulation, claiming it helps small businesses afford health insurance. As you and I both know, that isn't true.

We need to make sure the real facts get out. Let us know your experience here.

The doubling of rates for some small buisnesses is making tough times even more difficult. Letting us know what you're seeing on your bill and will help people learn about the affects of this law and help us in the fight for affordable healthcare for all.

The Maine Small Business Coalition is committed to making sure that small business owners have a voice on public policy that corporate interests can't hijack. With your stories, we'll help hold legislators accountable for their votes.