Maine Small Business Coalition Supports Alternative Budget Plan

  • Posted on: 9 April 2015
  • By: admin

Small business group says "A Better Deal for Maine" plan does more to support communities and local economies

The Maine Small Business Coalition (MSBC) announced its support for the state budget introduced by Democratic legislative leaders in Augusta on Thursday. MSBC leadership argued that Governor LePage's budget, which slashes education and social service programs while cutting taxes for the richest Mainers, would hurt Maine communities and, by extension, Maine small businesses. The Democrats' plan, entitled "A Better Deal for Maine," on the other hand, would put more money in the pockets of the lower- and middle-income families that drive Maine's consumer-based economy.

“The Better Deal budget puts Maine communities first and that’s good for business,” said Alex Jackimovicz, owner of Jackimovicz Electric in Boothbay and a member of the MSBC Steering Committee. “When the super-wealthy get a tax cut, they invest it in Wall Street. That’s great if you own a hedge fund or are the CEO of a Fortune 500 company, but not if you own a small business here in Maine. When working Mainers do better, they spend more in their towns and the entire community prospers together. That's what this alternative budget will do."

The "Better Deal for Maine" plan maintains state-municipal revenue sharing and ensures our communities have well-funded schools, public safety, and necessary physical infrastructure. The plan cuts income taxes for 95% of Mainers while asking the top 5% of earners to pay their fair share. The governor's plan, on the other hand, cuts funding for local communities while giving the top 1% a needless tax cut.

"We're sick and tired of the governor using small businesses as the excuse to push his agenda that only benefits the super-wealthy," Jackimovicz added. "His budget is just another example. We live and work in our communities and we know that all Mainers deserve a fair chance to succeed. The Better Deal budget gets us a little closer to that goal."