Sign on: Keep our Children Safe, Improve our Toxic Chemicals Law

  • Posted on: 19 February 2013
  • By: admin

To the Honorable Members of the Joint Standing Committee on the Environment and Natural Resources,

We the undersigned Maine businesses call on this Committee and the Legislature at large to protect Maine businesses and our customers from harmful chemicals in consumer products. Maine manufacturers, retailers, and service providers need accurate and accessible information about which products contain the most toxic chemicals, and need safer products that do not endanger our staff or customers. Just four childhood diseases linked to chemical exposures cost our economy and health care system at least $380 million every year in preventable costs.

No Maine business wants to make, sell, or use products that contain harmful chemicals. Every Maine business, every employee, and every consumer deserves the right to know that the products being sold on store shelves are safe.

We encourage you to swiftly adopt “An Act to Further Protect Pregnant Women and Children from Toxic Chemicals” (sponsors by Senator Goodall), and specifically ensure that:

Businesses and consumers learn which products contain the worst of the worst chemicals by requiring that manufacturers disclose which products contain Maine’s 49 Chemicals of High Concern;

Maine prioritizes getting the worst chemicals out of consumer products by regularly naming additional Priority Chemicals for assessment and replacement when safer alternatives are available, effective, and affordable;
Loopholes that endanger businesses and families are closed by repealing the arbitrary exemption that blocks Maine from removing toxic BPA from food packaging for pregnant women and toddlers.

Safer chemicals and safer products benefit Maine businesses, Maine families, and the Maine economy. Thank you,