The Kid-Safe Products Act Protects Children and Small Business Owners

  • Posted on: 12 April 2011
  • By: admin

Click below to add your name to this letter supporting the important protections of the Kid-Safe Products Act:

To the Honorable Members of the Joint Standing Committee on the Environment and Natural Resources:

We the undersigned Maine businesses call on this Committee and the Legislature at large to defend the Kid-Safe Products Act. To protect Maine children and Maine businesses, we must make sure that all the products children are exposed to (not just toys) don’t contain chemicals that threaten their health and development. Many of the proposals in LD 1129 would effectively cripple a law that provides critical information and protection to businesses and families. Every Maine consumer deserves a home that is free of toxic chemicals, just as every Maine business deserves the right to know that the products being sold on their shelves are safe.

We encourage you to preserve the Kid-Safe Products Act, reject LD 1129 and:

  • Follow the best science about how children are harmed by dangerous chemicals by ensuring that all products that expose children to these chemicals are covered under the law;
  • Protect teenagers by rejecting proposals that reduce the scope of the law to only focus on small children and ignore science that says toxic chemicals can affect other stages of development as well;
  • Base decisions on independent science by rejecting proposals that rely on chemical industry-funded science, and preserve small business access to information by rejecting proposals to arbitrarily limit reporting of toxic chemical use in consumer products.

We don’t have to choose between good health and good business. Strong safer chemicals policies benefit Maine businesses and Maine families. Thank you,