Our Mission

As small business owners, we advocate for policies that promote responsible economic development, environmental stewardship, and investment in community. We are the backbone of Maine’s economy, and we help provide a political voice for Maine’s small business community. We believe that good economic policy works both for small business owners and the customers they serve.

Local Small Business Owners Speak Out Against Anthem’s Rate Hikes, Campaign Spending

  • Posted on: 10 October 2012
  • By: admin

Business Owners in Gorham, Westbrook and Scarborough Oppose Insurance Company Influence

Members of the Maine Small Business Coalition from Scarborough, Westbrook and Gorham gathered at The Gorham Grind coffee shop today to hold a press conference in response to $21,000 in attack ads in the local State Senate race funded by Anthem insurance company and targeting Gorham small business owner Jim Boyle.

Report Reveals Reason for Small Business Rate Hikes

  • Posted on: 2 October 2012
  • By: admin

Health Insurance Industry Gave Heavily to Supporters of Bill

Last month, a report from Consumers for Affordable Health Care showed the effect of Public Law 90, the health insurance rate hike bill. It documented that 90 percent of small business owners have already experienced premium increases, with small businesses in rural areas and older employees the hardest hit.

90% of Maine Small Businesses See Rate Hikes

  • Posted on: 4 September 2012
  • By: admin

Real Effects of Rate Hike Law Even Worse

A report released today by Consumers for Affordable Health Care provides even more evidence showing that the health insurance rate hike bill passed last session has had a devastating effect on Maine small businesses, with 90% of business owners who renewed their plans experiencing increases in their premiums, including more than 96% of businesses in eastern, northern and western Maine.

Small Business Group Releases Report, Delivers Letters Against Extending Tax Cuts For Wealthy

  • Posted on: 1 August 2012
  • By: admin

On Wednesday, local members of the Maine Small Business Coalition released a report prepared by Americans for Tax Fairness on how Maine could benefit from ending the Bush-era tax breaks for the wealthiest top two percent. They also delivered a letter signed by more than 120 small businesses across Maine urging Senators Snowe and Collins to vote in favor of ending the tax breaks when the issue again comes before Congress later this year.

U.S. Chamber Doesn't Represent Maine Businesses

  • Posted on: 26 July 2012
  • By: admin

Attack Ads in Senate Race Just the Beginning

The Maine Small Business Coalition today objected to the first attack ads launched by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce in a Maine 2012 election campaign.

"The U.S. Chamber does not speak for Maine businesses and they don't care about our economy," said Maine Small Business Coalition director Kevin Simowitz. "The Chamber is an interest group for large out-of-state and multinational corporations, especially health insurance companies."