Small business owners support toughening clean elections laws

  • Posted on: 22 October 2015
  • By: admin

Say Question 1 will level playing field

A group of small business owners represented by the Maine Small Business Coalition reiterated their support for Question 1 on this November's ballot. Question 1 would require more disclosure of outside spending in candidate elections; increase penalties for breaking campaign finance laws; and fully fund the state's Clean Elections law.

"In order for me to compete fairly against big, national chains, I need to have equal access to my government," said Dory Waxman, owner of Old Port Wool and Textile Co. in Portland. "Question 1 will make it more likely that our elected representatives will listen to all Mainers, not just their wealthiest donors."

Part of the measure would close some ineffective corporate tax loopholes. The Chamber claims that closing these loopholes will hurt Maine's economy. Bettyann Sheats, owner of Finishing Touches Shower Doors in Auburn, disagrees:

“This referendum is written so that it will only close tax loopholes which are proven to not help the economy," she said. "But you know what would be good for Maine's small business owners? A tax, budget, and regulatory environment that is not dominated by big, out-of-state businesses. The first step in creating an economy that works for everyone - including small business owners - should be getting the corrupting influence of big money out of politics. Question 1 is a good step in that direction."

Maine Small Business Coalition represents over 4,000 small business owners across the state and supports federal, state, and local public policy that invests in our communities, keeps our people healthy and productive, and ensures all participants have a voice.